A Solo Exhibition dedicated to my Mother in support of Woman’s Trust
at SAAS GALLERY 5th – 26th March 2020
111 Cheyne Walk, London SW10 ODJ

On 5 March SAAS Gallery launches the No More Manifesto, an art installation created by renowned French multidisciplinary artist, actress and filmmaker Frederique Feder. The launch is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day and Say No More Week, a global initiative which aims to end domestic abuse and sexual assault.

The No More Manifesto continues Frederique’s work around the female psyche, a recurring theme in her artwork. The concept was inspired by Frederique’s late mother, who experienced domestic abuse. The art installation is a public declaration highlighting behaviours that subjugate people, contributing to poor mental health, disempowerment, anxiety and social isolation. Frederique explains: “I can still remember the day that my mother got the phone call and she was told to ‘pack a bag and leave’ with me. There and then. She literally had all of her possessions – her life, in that one bag, and she had to start over. It’s a story that I know will resonate with many women, even still today.

“I wanted to use my art to explore the connection between mental health and self-empowerment. To give something back that might have helped my mother at a time when she was at her lowest.”

The No More Manifesto is a project combining not only 3D, video and photography materials but also live performances on the four Thursdays when Frederique will be in residence. The mechanics of Frederique’s performances are being kept closely under wraps until the launch date as there is an element of public involvement. The intimate space at SAAS Gallery will be completely transformed in order to transport guests into the comfort and safety of a vintage, bygone-era.

The art project has been curated by Lukas Kroulik who has an extensive experience in connecting the art world and charities. With the help of Lukas, Frederique Feder and SAAS Gallery will be supporting Woman’s Trust, a specialist mental health charity which provides free counselling and therapy to women who have experienced domestic abuse.

Speaking of what motivated them to join the project, Woman’s Trust CEO, Heidi Riedel explains: “Domestic abuse has a significant impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing; something Frederique understands all too well given her own mother’s experience – and we see it, every day, in the women we support through our counselling and therapy. We’re delighted to be working with Frederique and SAAS Gallery on this creative art installation which examines the way people absorb and supress various negative emotions and behaviours – and the impact this has on our daily lives.”

About Frederique Feder
Frederique’s biography includes the critically-acclaimed and award-winning film Three Colours: Red. As a multidisciplinary artist she has been curated and exhibited by art collector Agnes b., she has also exhibited pieces of photography, painting and sculpture in galleries around the world, including Saatchi Gallery, Love Market, Scope, Space Gallery.

About SAAS Gallery
In the footsteps of her father, prominent Russian painter Max Birshtein, Sofya Abbott established SAAS Gallery in Chelsea, London. Since its opening in March 2018, SAAS Gallery has been showcasing both established and new artists in cutting-edge works. Over the past 20 years, Sofya Abbott has been advocating for women’s rights and gender equality through her work as a journalist and now as a gallerist.

About Lukas Kroulik
Lukas is a portrait photographer and producer of creative events. Lukas has over a decade’s experience working with his own extensive professional network of artists and their sponsors. His focus is on awareness raising projects, he has collaborated with the Czech Centre London, the British Heart Foundation, Children With Cancer, Hope for Heroes and Faculty from London Business School.

About Woman’s Trust
Woman’s Trust is a specialist mental health charity that provides free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Established in 1996, the charity has supported more than 16,000 women from across London in their recovery from abuse; delivering over 40,000 counselling sessions alone – providing the equivalent of more than £6m in free mental health care. Their bespoke approach to counselling has been tailored to address the specific emotional and psychological trauma often experienced by survivors.